Our mission

BiLD is more than just asset management—we see building intelligence. Our vision is to bring assets to life, integrating critical infrastructure with new technology.

Meet the team

At BiLD, we recognize that success is a result of the people behind the scenes. Good ideas are important too, but people with the right experience, the right skill set, and who are genuinely passionate about the ideas are what drive success—and what drives BiLD.

All too often the right tool is developed by people who have no direct experience in the industry being served—not at BiLD. We've built up thousands of hours of experience reviewing building assets, and we've leveraged that experience into the creation of BiLD.

All too often the right people are put in the wrong roles—not at BiLD. We’ve put together the best combination of engineers, programmers, building specialists and innovators who are committed to solving your building management problems.

We are BiLD. It's nice to meet you!

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Shaun Sidhu

Shaun has a strong background in leadership and a talent for creating highly functioning teams out of individuals. With a degree in mechanical engineering and experience in the consulting industry, Shaun has leveraged his knowledge towards the development of two successful companies. Recognizing a gap in the tools available to properly track and manage building assets, Shaun set out to create yet another team—BiLD was born!

Benjamin Witzaney

Ben brings 10+ years of web development and graphic design to the team, on top of 4 years of structural engineering experience. Leveraging recent experience performing building condition assessments with the design and development of a successful e-commerce website, Ben has been able to take BiLD from concept to product in a short period of time. With an eye for aesthetics, a desire for simplicity and a passion for all things tech, Ben is perfectly suited to help make BiLD the industry leader in building asset management.

Interested in what we are doing? We are always looking for the right people to join our team. Drop us a line anytime!