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Need A Reserve Fund Study?

BiLD is a team of engineers who have created an app in-house that is optimized for reserve fund studies. This makes the process more efficient, accurate and cost effective while providing a detailed report that is easy to understand and utilize. And that is just the start of what BiLD can do!Learn more >

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Simple, Beautiful Reports

BiLD strives for simplicity in all aspects of its user experience. Our reserve fund studies (RFS) are no different! Our emphasis is on providing an easy to understand report because not everyone has a technical grasp of building components. The best part is that the end of a BiLD reserve fund study is just the beginning for your building's data!

With our experience as engineers, we built an in-house app that is optimized for data entry on-the-fly. Our app has been developed to be much more accurate than what is typical of a traditional reserve fund study. It tracks the lifespan of all the components in our database dynamically, which lets us tell you what the true projected lifespan is, not just what some table in a book tries to tell you. Additionally, BiLD breaks components down into their respective parts where appropriate, which allows for far more accuracy when projecting costs and lifespans of your building.