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The first round of building exterior visual assessments are due in 2018. If your building is one impacted by the initial phase, don’t put it off (the fines can reach into the thousands). Get the BiLD team behind you, and your buildings will thanks you...literally!

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Building Exterior Visual Assessment

BEVA stands for building exterior visual assessment, which pretty much sums up what it is. The City of Calgary passed a bylaw in 2016 after public safety issues were bropught to light due to material falling from tall buildings. This bylaw mandated that all buildings over five stories must complete a BEVA every five years. As a result, the assessment takes a detailed look at the exterior building components.

Generally, if your building is five storeys or taller, you will be required to get a BEVA done every five years. The City of Calgary is taking a phased approach in terms of when a building's first BEVA is required, using January 1, 2016 as the benchmark year. If your building is 45 years or older, for example, its first BEVA is required to be completed in 2018. Additionally, if occupancy of your building was given in 2006-2008 inclusive, a BEVA will also be required in 2018.