BiLD is for:

Administrators & Capital Planners

Reports and auditing

BiLD gives you the ability to run audits and reports of all your assets with just a few clicks. Find out exactly how much an asset will cost over its life and when it makes sense to replace it. On top of that, you can audit maintenance records and operational history to ensure everything is being maintained as it should.

Cost reduction

BiLD runs analytics on all the assets in its database. This allows you to compare hundreds of building factors and see how you stack up against the norm. Equipment purchase costs, maintenance costs, contractor's costs and life cycle costs can all be compared to ensure your business is doing all that it can to run efficiently.

Future planning

No one knows it all, but BiLD knows buildings. BiLD will help you in planning for repair and maintenance of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical components. This means no surprise repair or replacement costs, and most importantly no expensive consultants!

BiLD is for:

Maintenance & Operators

Easy maintenance tracking

How often do we not record something because we think it will take too long? How about contractors not recording their work orders? BiLD solves all of this. Different access levels allow operators, employees and contractors different access levels, and recording maintenance can be done with 3 easy clicks from any smartphone!

Centralized information

Lost your building drawings? Wasting time finding information for vendors? With BiLD all this is a thing of the past. Within BiLD all the data attached to a specific asset can be stored. Drawings, specifications, manuals, CAD models— anything related to an asset is only a click away!

Real time asset monitoring

BiLD allows you the ability to check in on the operation of equipment running in real time! No need to send resources to check, and no need to have expensive controls companies install outdated technology for exorbitant amounts of money. For $5/month plus the cost of the sensor, monitor your equipment, your way!

BiLD is for:

Contractors & Vendors

Asset database

Why take the headache of maintaining a digital database for your products in house? BiLD provides you and your clients access to equipment information anytime, anywhere! Within BiLD, all the data attached to a specific asset can be stored. Drawings, specifications, manuals, CAD models—anything related to an asset is only a click away.

Sales generation

BiLD allows you to capture sales with no effort. By signing up with BiLD and having your clients use it, you can be listed as their preferred vendor. Then, when equipment needs maintenance or replacement, you get an automated purchase order. Better yet, if you do great work, we would love to list you as a preferred BiLD vendor for those clients who don’t know who to contact.

Syncronized workflow

How often are an organization's departments not communicating to third parties—let alone among themselves? BiLD is the solution. Once the problem has been established, key people involved will automatically be notified and have access to all the relevant information they need. No more wasting time on back-and-forth emails and phone calls—it's just straight to business.